By Maximilian Clarke

UK media regulators have joined together to lend their support to Reg Bailey’s drive to end the commercialisation and sexualisation of children.

The BBC Trust, Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) and the Press Complaints Commission are among the institutions who have jointly launched a new website, ParentPort which aims to make it easier for parents to report companies and adverts that they feel are inappropriate for children.

Reg Bailey’s Independent Review of the Commercialisation and Sexualisation of Childhood was proposed earlier this year, and initially focused on retail. The move attracted widespread support from politicians and parents and nine of the UK’s leading retail chains including Tesco, ASDA, and John Lewis lent their support, vowing to end the sale of revealing childrenswear.

ParentPort provides straightforward information on what parents can do if they feel they have seen or heard something inappropriate for their children. The site makes the process of making a complaint easier by directing parents to the right regulator for their specific area of concern.

“I am really encouraged that all the regulators have got together to produce ParentPort in a relatively short time since my review,” commented Bailey. “This will be one place where parents can make their voices heard and tell businesses and broadcasters if they feel they have overstepped the line in what is appropriate for children. Parents told me that they often didn’t know who to complain to or whether anything would be done as a result of their complaint. Parents are the best judges of what is acceptable for children so it’s important we all take their views more seriously.”

Children’s Minister, Sarah Teather, also commented: “I am looking forward to seeing what parents say on the ParentPort website. This will be an important tool in informing companies and regulators of what is acceptable for children. That way we can all work together to make our society a bit more family friendly.”

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