By Jonathan Davies

The broadcasters of Saturday's Mayweather vs Pacquiao boxing match have forced recording of the fight to be removed from new video streaming app Periscope.

US broadcasters HBO and Showtime, which held the broadcast rights to the fight, admitted that it was too late to have stopped people watching the fight live, for free.

More than one million people have joined Periscope since 26 March. But unlike other video streaming platforms, like YouTube and UStream, Periscope does not allow content-owners to remove copyrighted material in real-time.

It means that when Periscope users, who saw the fight live at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, streamed videos, HBO and Showtime had to file individual requests for them to be taken down.

The fight, considered to be one of the biggest in recent boxing history, cost the US public $89.95 (£59.50) to watch on pay-per-view. There was a further $10 charge to watch in HD. Pay-per-view revenues were expected to generate around $200 million, with a large bulk going to Mayweather and Pacquiao.

HBO declined to comment, but has previously expressed its frustration at Periscope being used to stream its hit fantasy TV series Game of Thrones.

At the time, HBO said: "In general, we feel developers should have tools which proactively prevent mass copyright infringement from occurring on their apps and not be solely reliant upon notifications."