By Marcus Leach

Chancellor George Osbourne will be consulted by Boris Johnson regarding a proposal that could see the world's biggest airport built in the Thames Estuary.

Architect Lord Foster has instigated a project for a giant four-runway airport on the Isle of Grain in Kent.

However, the plans have been met with criticism from Paul Outhwaite, of the RSPB, who claimed the idea is "a massive act of environmental vandalism".

Lord Foster's plans would see the hub become the largest in the world, with the capacity set to cater for 150 million passengers. Further to that the hub would be powered by tidal energy from the North Sea.

Mayor Johnson has made no secret in the past of his desire to see London connected to a world-leading hub, and seems to be taken by Lord Foster's plans.

"I am grateful to Lord Foster for spelling out the potential for a new airport, properly rooted in a broader vision for the Thames estuary, where it would make a vital contribution to economic growth," Mr Johnson said.

"I believe this is vital not only so London remains in the premier league of aviation, but also to generate jobs and opportunities for decades."

John Olsen, the former head of Cathay Pacific who favours an airport at Cliffe in Kent, said: "This is a totally inappropriate location for a large hub. There are local populations nearby and there is the issue of wild birds on the island. This proposal is getting into the realms of fantasy and dreamland."

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