By Maximilian Clarke

Italy’s new Prime Minister, Mario Monti, is busy forming a new ‘technocrat government’ aimed at restoring confidence in the indebted eurozone member.

The former EU commissioner dubbed ‘Super Mario’ for what is hoped will be his decisive actions over the Eurozone, Monti is looking to build a new cabinet that will help to secure his country for future generations.

His announcement immediately had a calming effect on the world’s fragile markets, who envisage his cabinet of fellow economics professors from Milan university will lend itself to the laying of strong economic foundations.

Speaking to reporters after his initial announcement, Monti (quoted by the BBC), said:

“Italy must again be, and must increasingly be, an element of strength, not weakness, in a European Union that we helped found and in which we should be protagonists."

"We will aim at solving the financial situation and resume the path of growth, while remaining attentive to social equity".

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