By Marcus Leach

The latest British Retail Consortium (BRC) survey has revealed that high street sales rose in July despite trading remaining tough.

Like-for-like sales for the same period the year before had risen by 0.6%, with the overall sales were up 2.5%.

The BRC warned that much of July's rise was due to clearance sales and "consumer confidence needs to be restored quickly before spending paralysis sets in."

As well as that, online and mail order sales growth slowed dramatically.

"This is a modest improvement on recent months but overall conditions remain very difficult for retailers," BRC director general Stephen Robertson said.

"When you take into consideration inflation and January's increase in VAT, 2.5% growth effectively means people are buying fewer goods."

Whilst food sales growth picked up in July after a poor June Mr Robertson went on to say it was only down to "shoppers being tempted into stores by an unprecedented number of promotions which come at the expense of margins."

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