The most precious time?

By Alexander Mackenzie, Your Business Your Future Tutor

In a business world blistering with activity, two things return over and again as highly sought after: time and quiet.

So rare are these, that they are often seen as within reach by only the most rich and powerful. Everyone else is out breaking their necks in pursuit of enough to keep the wolf from the door.

Yet, on the face of it time and quiet cost no more than valuing them for the riches they offer. It is not world breaking news to discover that highly motivated achievers are very good at managing their time, including time out to ponder the most important questions on which all the others revolve. In fact, that's why Your Business Your Future programmes are designed as they are, to help owner managers create space away from the day-to-day pressures of running their businesses in order to articulate and plan how to build the better future they want for their businesses and for themselves.

In any given day, high achievers will get far more questions and demands from their business than is possible to answer. The greatest skill that can be harnessed by business owners is being able to discern which actions and decisions will leverage the best results. Having the capacity to reflect on the most critical issues can make the difference between being a highly successful business and the business going belly up in a deluge of unanswered questions and unmet challenges.

Taking time out to reflect, think and challenge the way you currently do things and the way you currently see the world, is one of the most valuable uses of your precious time. By committing to reflect as part of a group, either as part of a Your Business Your Future programme or at the summer retreat I run, you’ll be taking the first step to tackling your most difficult challenges in the company of others who will take you to task on your intentions and hold you to your next valiant step in growing your business.

Ambitious owner managers are particularly skilled in cutting through to what is important and, with the support of a group, we have the opportunity to get to the heart of matters and to make the future a more robust and reliable environment for everyone.

How might your world shift, if you had the option to reflect on the choices you’re making in the company of others reflecting on the same questions? Can you imagine harnessing the time to make those decisions that you have promised yourself for as long as you can remember?

This summer, on 15-19 August, a gathering of forward thinking business folk will be meeting on the Holy Isle off Arran Island in the Westerly isles of Scotland to do just that. This is an inaugural meeting and numbers will be limited to 12. To find out more, contact the retreat convenor, Alexander Mackenzie - agmackenzie@btopenworld.com. Please visit The Holy Isle Project for more details.

To find out more about how the Better Business Programme can help you reflect on your business with the support of an experienced business coach and a group of like-minded owner managers, come along to one of our Better Business Briefing Events. To book a place, please visit: Better Business Briefings Events.

Visit our website: www.yourbusinessyourfuture.co.uk

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