Image: Michael Wuertenberg/World Economic Forum Image: Michael Wuertenberg/World Economic Forum

Malaysia's Prime Minister Najib Razak has been cleared of corruption relating to a $681 million (£479m) donation made by the Saudi Arabia family.

Mr Razak has been under intense pressure to resign after critics accused that huge sum of money came from state-owned investment fund 1MDB. But Malaysia's attorney general ruled that the funds were a personal donation.

Attorney-General Mohamed Apandi Ali said: "I am satisfied that there is no evidence to show that the donation was a form of gratification given corruptly."

Mr Apandi Ali said the Prime Minister returned $620m, but further questions have been raised as a result over the remaining $61m. Mr Razak's party claims it was used to pay for party activities, such as campaigning during the 2013 election. But critics have accused the Prime Minister of using the funds for his own personal use, and to buy political support in the leadership.