By Xero

Let’s face it, owning a small business is exciting but doing accounting isn’t. It’s important to have a solid understanding of your company’s cashflow but a lot of work is needed to get there. Traditional accounting software requires a great deal of data entry, making busy small business owners feel like they are neglecting other responsibilities by spending hours chained to to their desktop.

The emergence of cloud software is making established ways of working more efficient, including accounting. The features of online accounting software outlined below demonstrate how the once monotonous chore has transformed into something that is actually kind of fun.

● It’s accessible on any computer, mobile phone or tablet so you can do your accounting anywhere you have an internet connection.
● Bank transactions are fed directly into your books. No more boring data entry.
● Your accountant can login from their home or office, whenever they want. Your financial data is no longer isolated to a single hard drive so everyone can collaborate in real time.

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