By Marcus Leach

Lulz Security, the group behind the recent hacking attack on the US Senate website, have opened a telephone hotline so people can suggest future hack targets.

While they have not provided specific details Lulz Security claim they have launched several 'denial of service attacks' on websites as a result of their hotline opening.

The unspecified attacks are part of what the group called 'Titanic Takeover Tuesday' as a wave of security breaches were reported.

As well as the hack on the US Senate site, Lulz Security have also recently targeted Sony, Nintendo and several US broadcasters including Fox News.

The telephone hotline was posted on social networking site Twitter, and calers to the number are greeted by a recorded message by a person calling themselves Pierre Dubois.

The area code, 614, would suggest the line leads to Ohio state, although it is highly unlikely that this is in fact the real location.

The group have said it used distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS) against eight sites suggested by callers.

On top of the unspecified sites Lulz Security claimed that also attacked gaming magazine 'The Escapist', as well as online multiplayer games sites 'EVE Online' and 'League of Legends'.

Typically, DDos attacks, are based around overloading a site with requests from the attackers computers, forcing the site to crash. Once down the site is highly vulnerable to further, often more damaging, attacks.

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