By Daniel Hunter

Lufthansa pilots are planning a third day of strikes on Friday after action on Wednesday and Thursday.

Like Wednesday's strikes, Friday will affect short and medium-haul flights. Thursday's planned action will affect long-haul flights.

Lufthansa had already cancelled cancelled 750 flights, affecting around 80,000 passengers.

A spokesperson for the German airline said it would be able to continue three-quarters of scheduled flights on Friday.

Lufthansa also said that it would like to re-enter negotiations with pilots' union, Vereinigung Cockpit.

The two sides have been locked in a dispute over a reforms to its early retirement policy. Currently pilots can retire at 55 and earn 60% of their salary until the statutory retirement age of 65. But the airline wants to scrap the policy.

"It's not about preventing strategic business decisions," the union said in a statement. "Competition should not lead to a sell-off of the values ​​that have a significant role in ensuring that Lufthansa has become one of the world's leading aerospace companies."

Lufthansa was hit by similar pilot strikes last year, costing it €232m (£165m).