The New Entrepreneurs Foundation (NEF) - the not-for-profit organisation focused on nurturing the next generation of young entrepreneurs - is looking for 40 young, aspiring entrepreneurs to join its 12-month entrepreneurship development programme.

In the last five years, NEF has helped 120 young individuals create 40 businesses which have created nearly 500 new jobs, and have raised almost £3 million in early stage and seed funding.

Now, it is on the look out for the next 40 aspiring entrepreneurs to provide with real-life business experience, mentoring and coaching.

Neeta Patel, CEO of New Entrepreneurs Foundation, said: “’That’s a great idea for a business’ is a phrase often said in passing, but the reality of starting a business straight out of university can seem exciting yet daunting. We constantly work to refine and improve our programme so that we can best prepare our alumni for working in an ever-evolving business landscape.

“While the label of “entrepreneur” title does not fit everyone, you can still have the passion to be a leader, a storyteller, a change-maker or a risk-taker. It is these people the New Entrepreneurs Foundation (NEF) would be excited to have join its training and development programme.”

For more information on applying to the New Entrepreneurs Foundation, click here.