By Maximilian Clarke

The campaign to move clocks forward by an hour to extend daylight in the winter months, thereby saving energy, boosting business, and bringing the UK closer in line to its biggest trading partners in the EU, has gained momentum today after being discussed in the House of Commons.

Recently Deborah Meaden lent her influence to the increasingly popular campaign to boost sunlight in winter evenings. She publically supports the campaign, saying that it is simply a better use of resources- in this instance, light. Somewhat fittingly, the business guru this morning wrote in the Sun newspaper:

By synchronizing the UK's clocks with our largest business partners in Europe, we would gain valuable extra trading time every working day.

There are also serious gains to be made in the tourism and leisure industries. Our outdoor attractions could stay open for longer, effectively extending the summer tourism season.

Independent research shows that this simple and inexpensive change would boost the industry by up to £3.5billion every year, creating up to 80,000 jobs.

The motion has been raised on numerous occasions, but is frequently opposed by Scotland, who feel it would negatively affect the country and its 5 million population.

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