By Daniel Hunter

Charlie Cornish, the CEO of Manchester Airports Group (M.A.G), has said that attracting long haul airlines to Manchester is key to the airport’s future growth.

Cornish was speaking at the pro∙manchester Members’ Lunch held at The Hilton, Deansgate.

Outlining M.A.G’s medium to long-term strategy to the Greater Manchester financial and professional community, Cornish said: “Long haul is important for Manchester and the region. The more long haul, the greater the connectivity with the middle-east and developing countries.

“We are deep in discussion with the Chinese about direct flights to Chinese cities.

“We have spent the last 12 months getting planning permission for Airport City North and South. And in the next 12 weeks, we hope to name our development partners.

“M.A.G has grown profits year-on-year by 8% and can expect a rise of 8-10% this year.

“The airport is one of the key reasons why Manchester is without a doubt head and shoulders above the other regional cities in the UK.”

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