By Daniel Hunter

Large hosting providers are neglecting to support growth among London’s tech start-ups due to a failure to respond to incoming requests, warns ServerSpace.

The hosting and cloud services provider has today announced its latest contract with newly established software development and services business, ECO-OMG, following the lack of response to enquiries the company was getting from larger providers.

ECO-OMG specialises in mobile appliance data collection, audit and compliance for the service and construction sectors. Its particular emphasis on government initiatives has led to a wide ranging customer base, from PLCs to sole traders, who support the delivery of digital switch-over to energy efficiency measures and services directly to consumers.

“As a rapidly growing start-up trying to establish our name, we found it very hard to gain any type of response from the larger hosting providers. In fact, we approached a number of companies, some of them household names, and the lack of response to our requests was worrying,” said Mark Irvine, director of ECO-OMG. “Any new business needs careful and dedicated nurturing. It’s important that a start-up company such as ECO-OMG is given the necessary guidance when it comes to something as important as web and application hosting provision. We came across ServerSpace and they were on the same page as us in terms of what we needed.”

ECO-OMG weighed up the cost of employing someone with the technical expertise to take on the role in-house versus outsourcing to a private company. It found that there was a clear cost-benefit associated with outsourcing their hosting and connectivity requirements, along with the reliance of 24/7 support.

Currently, ServerSpace hosts ECO-OMG’s website and servers, enabling the company to successfully continue developing software in the mobile, electronic data collection, associated back-office and CRM systems.

Tim Pat Dufficy, managing director of ServerSpace, said: “I’m not surprised to hear about ECO OMG’s experience with the big players in the hosting market. ServerSpace has achieved great success by always putting the customer first, irrespective of their size. . We have had great success with the UK’s start-up sector which is a very important sector for the future of the UK economy. We were a start-up once too. It’s important for us that we have like-minded businesses onboard as we know exactly what they’re looking for and how to deliver it. ECO-OMG is an entrepreneurial startup with great technology and it is businesses like this that ServerSpace is keen to support and help grow.”

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