By Max Clarke

Intricate details of London’s green spaces, wildlife, air quality and waste have been compiled into a landmark ‘green database’.

By harnessing the UK’s growing technical talent, a range of apps incorporating various social media platforms have been launched in a bid to increase transparency and accountability in the capital’s environment.

The importance that the UK’s environment plays in enhancing the economy and the quality of life has recently been highlighted in a report published by Government environment body, Defra, which placed their fiscal value in the billions.

The data on a range of environmental factors is contained in a new report entitled ‘London’s Environment Revealed - State of the Environment Report’. It is the first time a state of the environment report has been produced as a collaboration between the key organisations in London responsible for the environment.

"This first joint report shows that Londoners have made some great improvements in their environment over the last 10 years,” said Dave Wardle, London Environment Manager for the Environment Agency.

"The challenge is far from over, though, and we, our partners and Londoners need to build on the improvements already made, over the next decade and beyond. London will need to continue to plan for and adapt to climate change.”

The report uses information held by each organisation - the Greater London Authority, the Environment Agency, Natural England and the Forestry Commission to assess performance across 28 environmental indicators, including waste, water, air quality, energy and wildlife.

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