By Max Clarke

Business services companies are faring well with their preparations for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, according to professional services firm, Deloitte.

Over half of the business services companies surveyed for Deloitte’s latest ‘Games Readiness’ research have already begun to assess the opportunities and challenges presented by London 2012. This is a higher proportion than any other industry surveyed in the research.

Deloitte's survey found that while the industry is ahead of the game in terms of preparing for London 2012, the figures still show that 48% of companies have yet to begin assessing the impact of the Games, with 6% suggesting they have no intention to plan at all.

Security incidents were anticipated to be the cause of most disruption during London 2012 with 44% of companies citing this as their biggest concern. Staff unavailability, transport (both 38%) and fears over a scarcity of resources such as hotel rooms (34%) were the next biggest worries.

"The industry as a whole is making good progress,” said Byron Griffin, head of Deloitte’s business services group, “but some 44% of companies acknowledge that their preparations are behind track, so there is still work to do.

“However,” continued Griffin, “it is positive that so many services companies are taking seriously the need to prepare for London 2012 and this process appears to be well underway. As a result of this forward thinking, many companies have already started to think about the actions they may need to take to ensure any disruption next summer is minimised.

Half intend to review holiday policies, whilst 28% will assess whether they need to amend their flexible or home working policies. Interestingly, 34% of business services companies are also planning to provide online streaming of the Games to allow staff to watch some of the action during working hours. All of this is just as well considering the importance of this sector in the day-to-day operation of London."

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