By Daniel Hunter

Liverpool is set to receive a £100 million biomass plant to assist in the decarbonisation of Drax power station, creating nearly 350 jobs.

It is understood that 47 permanent jobs will be created at the plant, with a further 300 coming in the construction of the facility and the supply chain.

The plant, in the Port of Liverpool, will handle three million tonnes of wood pellets a year, converting them into a low-carbon, sustainable source of energy. The conversion will reduce the power station's carbon footprint by an estimated 12 million tonnes a year, the equivalent to 10% of the UK's cars.

Mark Whitworth, chief executive of Peel Ports, which is funding a major re-development of the area, said: “As a business Peel Ports is investing £300m to create the UK’s most centrally-located deep-water container terminal at the Port of Liverpool.

“Creating a deep-water container terminal in the north of England is a vitally important component of the Northern Powerhouse and will help to re-balance the economy. Currently more than 90% of deep sea containers enter the UK through southern ports but more than 60% are delivered to or originate in the northern half of the UK.

“Our new relationship with Drax illustrates the importance of east/west connectivity in driving growth and creating jobs in the north of England.

“In addition it shows how globally important assets such as the Port of Liverpool can be used to unlock the potential of the Northern Powerhouse by helping businesses like Drax ensure the security of their supply by putting in place well thought out global supply chains.”

Andy Koss, chief executive of Drax Power, said: “The biomass terminal will enable us to further our ambitious decarbonisation plans and ensure DRAX continues to lead the charge when it comes to creating sustainable, affordable renewable power.

“It is important to us that we measure the carbon footprint of every step in our supply chain from harvesting to transportation. By shipping to Liverpool and transporting our biomass via rail, Peel Ports have provided us with a logistics solution which minimises carbon emissions and helps us maintain our low-carbon manifesto.”