By Marcus Leach

Liverpool FC managing director Ian Ayre has publicly stated that Premier League football clubs should have the right to conduct their own overseas television deals.

In Ayre's eyes English football clubs will be left behind their European counterparts if the current situation continues. As it stands overseas revenues are shared equally between the 20 Premier League clubs.

"The other European clubs just don't follow that model. They will create much greater revenue to go and buy the best players," Ayre told BBC Radio Merseyside.

The Premier League's current foreign rights deal, worth £1.4 billion, expires in 2013.

However, under current rules, for any change in policy at least 14 of the teams would have to vote in favour, which is highly unlikely.

Ayre has said that the leading clubs, such as Liverpool, Manchester United and Chelsea, who feature prominently around the world, should gain a bigger share of the revenue.

The Liverpool boss highlighted the fact that Barcelona and Real Madrid, who are allowed to negotiate their overseas deals, gain far more than smaller La Liga clubs, who hardly feature in overseas coverage.

"If we carry on sharing that international revenue equally, you are disadvantaging us," he continued

"It is a debate that needs to be had on a more collaborative basis between the clubs of the Premier League.

"I am certain that if you are a Liverpool fan living in Liverpool, you subscribe to Sky because you support Liverpool, and if you are a Blackburn fan you subscribe to watch Blackburn.

"So it's probably right and proper that the money in this country is shared the way that it is.

"But if you go further afield then it is a myth that the Premier League is huge.

"It is popular but the clubs that are really popular are the cubs like Liverpool, Manchester United and Arsenal.

"We saw that in Malaysia in the summer. We were 5,000 miles from home and we had 80,000 fans watching us play and 40,000 turning up to watch a training session."

Ayre believes that unless the situation is changed the leading European clubs will, in terms of finances and thus player recruitment, leave English clubs behind.

"They will create much greater revenue to go and buy the best players," he added.

"While we must be careful to maintain the integrity of the Premier League we have to maintain our position in Europe as well."

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