By Claire West

Social networking site LinkedIn floated on the New York Stock Exchange on Thursday and in the biggest Initial Public Offering (IPO) since Google in 2004. LinkedIn is now trading at 520 times its 2010 net income.

Many commentators are saying that this is proof positive that we are again in dot com bubble territory with further IPO’s around the corner from Facebook and Twitter
LinkedIn’s co-founder and former CEO is Reid Hoffman who already made millions from PayPal and who now has a stake worth $1.6 billion only launched the business 8 years ago.

LinkedIn reports more than 100 million registered users, spanning more than 200 countries and has become the online ‘Rolodex’ for businesses.

According to LinkedIn, membership grows at the rate of a new member a second!

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Worldwide Membership

• 100m+ professionals around the world as of March 2011
• 20m+ members in Europe as of December 2010
• 5m+ members in the UK as of December 2010
• 1m+ members in France
• 2m+ members in the Netherlands
• 1m+ members in Italy
• 1m+ members in the DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland)
• 1m+ members in Spain
• 9m+ members in India
• 3m+ members in Canada
• 3m+ members in Brazil
• 2m+ members in Australia

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