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Britain ‘losing talent since Brexit vote’ as LinkedIn reveals 26 per cent decrease in EU professionals moving to UK.

The UK saw a net outflow of professionals to the 27 member nations of the EU (EU27) in Q1 2018, as fewer EU27 resident professionals moved to Britain and more professionals in the UK head to Europe. Migration from EU27 nations into the UK has been falling steadily since the referendum vote and is down 26 per cent over the last year.

The LinkedIn Workforce Report is designed to provide members, businesses and policymakers with evidence-based insights into the changing shape of the UK workforce. This month the report includes the results of an independent ‘Recruiter Sentiment’ survey that gauges UK based in-house and agency recruiters’ confidence in their ability to fill available roles.

According to UK recruiters, 35 per cent have seen a fall in the number of hires from France and Germany over the last quarter, and 44 per cent think the UK is less attractive to EU27 candidates as a result of Brexit, based on conversations with candidates.

Josh Graff, UK Country Manager at LinkedIn, comments: "Changes in migration take a long time to bear out - but today we can see that the UK has gone from being a country that gains talent from EU nations, to one that loses professionals to them. For business leaders there are three things you can do now: talk to your HR team and find out what impact this is having on you, consider new sources of talent - including upskilling existing employees, and make sure you have conveyed your talent needs to professional associations and the government.’’