By Daniel Hunter

New figures released by LinkedIn reveal a potential uplift in the hiring market for full and part-time professional roles in the UK, suggesting a more favourable hiring outlook for professional roles than in a number of other European countries.

LinkedIn's annual Global Recruitment Trends report, which surveyed 3,300 HR decision makers globally, found that a net 27% of UK businesses expect to see an increase in hiring volumes of full and part-time professional employees in 2013 - the highest level since the research began in 2011. The report also reveals that a net 8% of HR decision makers in the UK have seen an increase in their business' recruitment budget compared to last year.

These latest figures suggest that the hiring outlook for professional roles is more buoyant in the UK than in some other European countries, such as France, Spain and Italy.

In Italy, only a net 1% of businesses expect to see an increase in hiring volume in 2013, with a net 19% of HR decision makers reporting that the hiring budgets in their organisation have decreased compared to last year. In Spain, the figures are 8% and 11% respectively, whereas French businesses actually expect a net 1% reduction in hiring volumes this year, after a net 9% drop in hiring budgets compared to 2012.

The findings in the UK appeared to echo the positive findings of the BCC's latest economic survey, released last week, that business confidence in the UK is at its highest level since 2007.

David Cohen, Director of LinkedIn Talent Solutions in Europe, the Middle East and Africa commented: "For the third year in a row we've looked into the optimism, priorities and challenges experienced by employers worldwide, and this year's data suggests that hiring for professional positions is on the rise in the UK. It remains a challenging climate for many employers, but our data hints at the first signs of green shoots for UK plc."

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