By Daniel Hunter

ONS retail sales figures due out today (Thursday) are expected to show an increase in retail sales over the last month. However the underlying trend still shows trouble ahead for retailers who do not have a coherent strategy embracing multichannel retailing to attract increasingly savvy consumers.

In what is classed as the final ‘golden quarter’ for the sector, which includes the usually profitable Christmas, many firms are relying on the festive season to boost disappointing sales seen throughout the year. With less than a week left before Christmas, retailers are using all the tactics they can to drive sales both online and on the high street to make sure this happens.

Consumers are increasingly using tablets and mobile phones to compare prices, download coupons and vouchers and find the best bargains around across the entire retail landscape including the high street and online. This is changing the game for retailers.

Chris Thomas, CEO and founder of the UK’s largest independent shoe retailer, Cloggs, said, “Compared to last year, we have seen a 1000% increase in the number of sales on mobile devices so we are very much aware of the power of shopping on the move. This Christmas, shoppers will be looking to combine convenience with cost cutting. As a result, we will see a greater use of mobile devices as people pick up bargains and share their deals via social media.

“Whereas previously, shoppers found it convenient to shop online in the comfort of their own homes, we are now seeing a new era of shoppers who are taking that convenience one step further and are making purchases whenever and wherever they want.”

Chris concluded, “For Cloggs, we place a high value on our high street store, but also ensure that our online offering is easy to use and has a wide selection that offers added value. It’s important for the high street to take note and utilise all the sales channels to the best of its abilities.”

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