working on sofa

Millions of people are being kept in dead-end jobs or shut out of the jobs market altogether because less than 9% of job adverts offer flexible working, according to new research.

The study, conducted by jobs consultancy and website Timewise, found that just a small portion of five million adverts analysed offered flexible working to jobseekers, despite the widely accepted skills shortage in the UK... and the fact that flexible working is now law.

The research has been published as part of the Hire Me My Way campaign, which aims to treble the number of jobs for people who need or want to work flexibly, from home for instance, by 2020.

The campaign, led by Timewise, aims to improve how employers appeal to workers who want flexible working by offering advice on how to advertise positions, how to tailor jobs to the perfect candidate and how to help part-time workers progress.

Timewise joint-chief executive Emma Stewart said: “The lack of flexible hiring in the UK affects everyone searching for such jobs. Transform hiring, and you have the potential to bring tangible change to millions of families unable to raise their earnings or progress their careers, because they are trapped by their need for flexibility.”

Hire Me My Way said there are currently 351,000 jobs adverts in the UK that offer flexible working and a decent salary, which it classifies as £20,000 (full-time). But it wants that figure to reach one million by the end of the decade.