By Daniel Hunter

Chinese computer giant Lenovo has been hit with a cyber-attack, which follows US governments warnings against software called 'Superfish'.

It appears that some of Lenovo's notebooks were shipped with the adware program, which offers shopping advice.

Lizard Squad, a group of hackers claiming to be responsible for the attacks on Sony towards the end of 2014, said on Twitter on Wednesday that they made the attack.

"One effect of this attack was to redirect traffic from the Lenovo website," Lenovo said in a statement. "We are also actively investigating other aspects.

"We are responding and have already restored certain functionality to our public-facing website."

Lenovo also said it was "actively reviewing" its cyber security and would take steps "to protect the integrity of our users' information and experience".

The hack comes as another blow to the Chinese giant. Last week, Lenovo said it was making tools available to help customers remove pre-installed software that experts claimed posed a security risk.