By Quentin Pain, entrepreneur and founder of SMB accounting software company Accountz

The launch of the Office of Tax Simplification made by the Chancellor of the to provide the Government with independent advice on simplifying the UK tax system, is nothing short of a ‘victory for businesses and citizens alike’ by Quentin Pain, founder and chairman of UK-based accounting software company, Accountz.

The Office has been established as an independent Office of the Treasury and will draw together expertise from across the tax and legal professions, the business community and other interested parties.

Quentin Pain stated: "The tax affairs of millions of families and businesses across the UK are extremely complicated and it is clear that the entire system needs to be made easier. The initial brief of the Office is to look at those taxes that impact small businesses and I am delighted that this is happening as entrepreneurs should not be tied up in red tape because of tax!”

“Any changes to the tax regime need not cost in terms of time and money. Software changes will be needed but with the right solution, SMEs can manage the process of change with little or no impact on the day-to-day running of the business,” continued Quentin.

Accountz has developed a suite of software programs for sole traders, Soho and SMEs. Its Business Accountz product range has been designed to keep the books for all types of business, whether sole-trader, partnership, limited company, VAT or non-VAT registered.

“What businesses can do to reduce the tax burden is to focus on technology solutions for their enterprises. Accountz means that sole traders, start-ups, small and mid sized businesses can keep track of their cash and tax liabilities. After all, as HMRC states itself ‘tax does not need to be taxing’,” concluded Quentin.

About Accountz

Accountz is a UK-based company that specialises in accounting software for the home and business. With 25 years experience in developing award winning accounting solutions that are powerful and easy to use, Accountz has a unique product portfolio that is driven by simplicity and speed.

Accountz software can be downloaded online or run straight out of the box and is compatible with Mac, Linux and Windows computers.

For home users, Home Accountz is ideal for managing household accounts and controlling personal finances in a straightforward way. The Business Accountz range consists of basic, professional and enterprise varieties, suitable for effortlessly handling the accounts for businesses of all types and sizes.

The company offers frequent training services to help familiarise customers with the Accountz software packages and is renowned for its outstanding customer support.

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