By Daniel Hunter

“Owners of commercial vacant properties need support now more than ever if we want to protect our High Streets and see them revitalised” says VPS Commercial Director

Since new limits to business relief for empty properties were implemented, £1.1 billion has been paid in rates on vacant commercial properties, it was revealed in a report issued by The Taxpayers’ Alliance (TPA).

Just last month VPS, the leading European specialists who manage over 90,000 vacant properties in the UK and abroad, highlighted a ten-fold increase in high street closures.

“The recession has hit retailing and commercial companies both small and large.” says Simon Alderson, Commercial Director for VPS. “We have already seen some major names disappear from our high streets this year, and this report can only underline the seriousness of the challenges those that remain face. It makes our task to protect vacant property all the more significant.”

VPS supports landlords to re-let or sell their vacant properties as soon as possible by a raft of measures that help prepare, secure, and maintain them in readiness for new tenants.

“Last year we secured, protected and maintained thousands of commercial and residential properties that were then re-let or sold by their owners.” Mr Alderson explained. “In 2012 we managed units as diverse as pubs, a cinema and even a holiday village that were closed due to the recession, and they have since been bought or re-let for their original use.”

“We call it the ‘VPS effect’ — look after these valuable assets and they will be successfully re-occupied sooner rather than later.”

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