By Daniel Hunter

Christine Lagarde, the head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), has expressed renewed concern over the health of the UK economy.

The UK's growth numbers are, according to Ms Lagarde, "not particularly good."

But speaking ahead of a high-level meeting of policymakers in Washington, she refused to be drawn on whether UK should reassess its austerity policy.

Her comments came as Mark Carney, the next governor of the Bank of England, hinted at his concerns over the UK.

In an interview ahead of the meeting between the IMF and the World Bank, he said the US recovery was leaving behind "crisis economies" that included the UK, the eurozone, and Japan.

Mr Carney has been reluctant to comment directly on the UK ahead of taking the helm of its central bank in July.

But he appeared to back Chancellor George Osborne's view that austerity measures were important to promoting growth.

"[Central banks] can provide the conditions for growth... but they can't deliver the long-term growth," he said. "That needs to come from true fiscal adjustment and fundamental structural reforms."

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