By Marcus Leach

It might not be the most logical partnership, but Starbucks are teaming up with Lady Gaga as part of a promotional scavenger hunt that could benefit both parties hugely.

Customers of Starbucks will be able to scan various promotional posters, banners and boards in stores to activate clues which will form part of a seven round hunt.

The venture will utilise Quick Response (QR) code scanning, which uses a two-dimensional barcode to load URL, text or other data on the users smartphone. In the ever evolving world of technology QR codes could well be the next big thing, offering users almost instant information.

“SRCH by Starbucks featuring Lady Gaga,” as the initiative is called, starts with the in-store QR code scan and then take customers through a series of cerebral and digital clues.

Those taking part in the hunt will be required to visit certain blogs, as well as Starbucks digital properties, using math, logic and pop culture knowledge to advance through the rounds.

Lady Gaga and Starbucks prizes will be rewarded once the hunt begins on Thursday.

“We hope to encourage group play and sharing. We wanted to make it so that there’s things to talk about and share,” Matthew Guiste, director of global social media for Starbucks, said in anticipation that it will take players from one to several hours to complete each round.

The round on May 23 coincides with the release of Lady Gaga’s third studio album, Born This Way. And as part of the partnership Lady Gaga's music will be played, for the first time, in Starbucks stores, as well as her album being on sale in store.

Further to that Lady Gaga will take over Starbucks Digital Network for the day, and she will invite customers to stream a special edition of her new album for the entirety of the day.

For Starbucks, the incentive is aimed at helping the company build deeper relationships with its most engaged customers, as well as promote their digital brand and image.