By Daniel Hunter

According to recent figures from The National Apprenticeship Service, the demand for UK placements across all sectors has increased by a third (32 per cent) in just 12 months.

With the ICT sector seeing the toughest competition — alongside arts, publishing and media — and on average 17 applications per vacancy, Elizabeth Gooch, CEO of eg solutions plc said that the British technology industry is missing a trick when it comes to sourcing the next generation of talent.

“The crossover of IT from enterprise to consumer use has turned today’s young CEOs — from Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg to Pinterest’s Tracey Chou — into the business idols of the next generation of IT leaders, so it’s no surprise that the sector is seeing a boom in graduates wanting to get onto the first rung of the ladder,” commented Gooch.

“From our recent experience of committing to recruiting graduates, offering such placements adds significant value to the companies that take them and to British technology small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). We have a responsibility to incubate the next generation of technology talent and this in turn will fuel further innovation of market leading products. Those not considering how we nurture new talent are seriously an opportunity.

“There is also a serious lack of IT skills in the UK, so through recruiting graduates or offering placements we can maternally change things for the better.

“More apprenticeships means more young people in employment and we tackle the skills shortage in the IT industry at the same time as injecting new blood into developing the quality products and services that our country is known for.”

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