By Daniel Hunter

Businesses are in danger of missing out on the digital revolution and falling behind their more tech-savvy competitors, according to Vodafone.

The majority of British businesses do not currently have 4G or an understanding of the extensive capabilities of 4G and the benefits it can bring to business performance. This was revealed in a YouGov study for Vodafone UK into the adoption and perception of 4G amongst more than 1,200 senior decision makers from British businesses and the public sector.

Research by the mobile network provider shows that nearly two-thirds (64%) of small businesses said they do not have 4G, while a staggering 41% of those have no plans to ever adopt it.

Despite prices becoming more competitive since 4G first became available, cost ranked as the largest barrier to adoption. But 43% of businesses admitted to having a poor or no understanding of 4G and of those that do not have 4G. And a third of those said they do not perceive any benefits for their business.

Phil Mottram, UK Enterprise Director of Vodafone UK said: “Businesses need to be ready to take advantage of the tools and technologies that can give them the competitive edge today and in the future. Now is the time for those businesses which are yet to invest in 4G to do so and to start benefiting from its full potential."