By Marcus Leach

New donation figures released by the Electoral Commission show that the Labour Party is now almost entirely reliant on trade unions for funding.

Just 2% of donations came from individuals in the last quarter, with 87% of funding coming from the biggest union donors. Almost 40% of Labour's income came from one union, Unite.

Since Ed Miliband became leader, only two people have donated to the Labour party — one being Alastair Campbell, Tony Blair's former spin chief.

The Conservative Party in stark contrast received over two-thirds of its income in donations from individuals.

"No wonder Ed Miliband's in deficit denial. Deficit denying trade unions swung him the Labour leadership, and now they're the only ones propping up the Labour party," Conservative Party Chairman, Sayeeda Warsi, said responding to the latest figures.

"Ed is now more dependent on unions than even his mentor Gordon Brown."