By Marcus Leach

As various companies look to find alternative fuel sources Dutch airline KLM have announced they will look to use recycled cooking oil on 200 of their flights.

Biokerosene, the fuel that comes from used cooking oil, will be subject to the same tests and technical specifications as kerosene, and will hoped to be used on flights between Paris and Amsterdam.

With airlines under pressure to reduce carbon emissions by 3% by 2012 KLM are keen to find a suitable alternative to traditional kerosene.

It wont be the first time KLM have experimented with alternative fuels, having run a biofuel test flight in 2009 with 40 passengers - including the then Dutch economics affairs minister.

That flight saw the majority of the fuel being used as kerosene, although one engine was run with 50% biofuel.

Current supplies of biofuels, collected from various hotels, restaurants and factories and refined in America, will be enough for two hundred flights on the Paris/Amsterdam route.

"The route to 100% sustainable energy is enormously challenging. We need to move forward together to attain continuous access to sustainable fuel," KLM's managing director, Camiel Eurlings, said.

Providing authorisation is given KLM will start using biokerosene flights in September.

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