By Marcus Leach

Amazon have launched their tablet, the Kindle Fire, which is being seen as the first genuine contender to Apple's iPad.

Apple have dominated the tablet market with their iPad and iPad2 for the past few years, but the Kindle Fire is believed to be able to compete with the market leaders.

The 7in colour screen tablet that is based on Google's Android software was unveiled in New York on Wednesday, and given it has a retail price that is 50% less than the iPad it is expected to prove to be popular.

However, unlike the iPad2, the Kindle Fire will not have a camera or mobile internet access, and is smaller than the Apple which has a screen just over 9 inches.

But it is the price that many experts believe will make it so competitive, as Jeff Bezos, founder and chief executive of Amazon, hopes to re-create the success of the Kindle e-book reader.

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