By Daniel Hunter

Kickstarter, the crowd sourced funding website for creative or product-based ideas, has been launched in the UK.

The site has so far raised more than $340m (£211m) - with 5% of each successful pledge going to Kickstarter.

Until now, new businesses using the site to raise cash for projects had to set up an account in the US.

"The request to expand internationally has long been one of our most requested features," Mr Strickler, who is the site's head of community, told the BBC.

"We certainly are interested. We're going to see how the UK launch goes and figure out the next moves from there. There's a lot of places that will be interesting."

Nicole Anderson-Mort, Business Development Director, Sage UK and Ireland, said that the website is good news for entrepreneurs.

"Kickstarter's entry into the UK market, and the opening up of an accessible alternative source of finance is good news for entrepreneurs and small businesses who still struggle to secure backing from banks," she said.

"While many projects will succeed on the strength of the idea alone, Kickstarter is in essence a competitive platform that relies on the kindness of strangers. Those entrepreneurs that can effectively sell the concept of their business to the widest audience possible will have the best chance of success. While a sound business plan will always be vital, crowdfunding platforms are making marketing skills an equally important bedrock for entrepreneurial success."

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