By Daniel Hunter

Yum Brands, the owners of food outlets KFC and Pizza Hut, has cut profit forecasts due to slow sales in China.

Originally the American company had predicted growth of 20%, before cutting that prediction to 10% in October. However they are now saying that profit growth will be in the "mid-single-digit" percentage.

The group has been hurt by a slower than expected sales recovery in China after a food safety scandal in July.

"China division sales were significantly impacted by adverse publicity in July regarding improper food handling practices by a former supplier," the firm said in a statement on Tuesday.

"Sales continue to recover, but at a slower pace than expected."

Customers in Yum's biggest market became weary of eating at its KFC restaurants, after the brand was linked to supplier Shanghai Husi Food, which was accused of selling old meat.

KFC, along with fast food giant McDonald's, stopped using meat from the supplier after its operations were suspended in July.

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