test_messagesBlock Recently Ported Numbers: Numbers that have been transferred will be blocked from use. Userscan re-enable their number after they complete authentication using a different challenge method.

  • Block By Phone Class: You can chose what type of phone number may be used. For example, physical phones may be allowed while virtual numbers are blocked.
  • Block By Carrier: You can chose which of the ~180 worldwide carriers canreceive phone/SMS challenges. For example, if all of your customers are based in North America, you can limit to carriers in that region.
  • Multi-Factor Abuse Throttling: Prevent attackers from brute force guessing of OTPs for access by limiting the number of MFA requests that can be sent across all channels.
  • All of the above helps to prevent the misuse of valid credentials, providing a multi-layered protective shield around organisational resources and keep user friction to a minimum. Modern approaches such as adaptive access control techniques bring greater security to ‘close the front door’ to attackers, while not bothering authorised users unless there is risk. The more layered the risk checks you do, the less chance an attacker gets through.

    Jeff Hickman is Senior Solutions Engineer at SecureAuth.