By Claire West

The country is divided, but far from indifferent over Prime Minister, David Cameron’s suggestion that there might be a bank holiday on the day of next year’s royal wedding.

According to the results of a poll released today by the majority of business owners believe that a bank holiday on the day of next year’s Royal Wedding is a ‘bank holiday’ too far.

It was a close run thing with 110 out of 200 saying no to the pbank holiday.

Although most businesses owners and entrepreneurs think it is an occasion worth celebrating and, in the main, wish Prince William and Kate a happy future together there is a strong feeling that not only should a private sector, already battered by the recession not have to face the disruption of an extra day's holiday, but also that all costs associated with the wedding should be picked up by the ‘family’.

Many business owners are asking why the wedding can’t take place on a Saturday or a Sunday and a number who support an additional days bank holiday are asking for it to be on a Monday or a Friday as a mid-week holiday would cause even more disruption to the working week.

Richard Smith, director of Clemo Group in West Yorkshire echoed the thoughts of many and said;

“A completely unnecessary cost to thousands of organisations. I am sure it will be a great day and I am a royalist but why should my business have to suffer?”

Nick James, founder of Fresh Business Thinking says; “As our research shows most business owners are pleased that there is some ‘good news’ to celebrate - but opinion is divided as to whether employers should ‘fund’ the day off.”

There is no statutory right to time off for bank and public holidays - extra pay for working on a bank holiday depends on the terms of an employee's contract of employment.