By Claire West

Jobseekers looking to get ahead in the race for employment are dramatically improving their chances of succeeding at interview after using online interview training programmes, according to a recent survey by training specialists Anson Reed.

Anson Reed has revealed that in a recent study of 1,000 users of its online interview training aid InterviewGold.com, 92% went on to be offered the job. 97% of those surveyed said they would recommend online interview training to others.

Over 16,000 job seekers are currently using InterviewGold.com to boost their chances of securing a job. Joe McDermott, CEO of Anson Reed, believes that it offers many people a much needed lifeline, particularly if they are attending interviews and have no idea what they are doing wrong.

“If you have been on the job market for some time, you will know just how difficult it is firstly to get an interview and most importantly, to get the job offer. The large volume of applicants for each post means that prospective employers have the luxury of being able to pick and choose the very best candidates. As a result your interview skills have to be top rate in order to compete. One small mistake could cost you the job offer,” explains McDermott.

InterviewGold.com is a UK-based online interview skills training course which is able to anticipate approximately 80 percent of most frequently asked questions across a wide range of industries, helping candidates to prepare the best possible answers. The system was devised by a group of experienced London-based HR consultants, led by McDermott.

But it would seem that it isn’t just candidates that need to brush up on their interview skills, as employers are falling short too, claims McDermott.

“I do think that jobseekers are getting a rough ride and employers need to take some of the responsibility. I just don’t think enough employers understand the importance of getting the interview process right and very few carry out which I would consider basic preparation for interviews. As a result, we developed RecuitSure.com for employers, which has an online interview builder built from a library of 2,000 interview questions and only takes a matter of minutes to complete an interview template. Our rationale is simple - if both employers and candidates took more time to prepare, the recruitment process would become quicker, smoother and far less costly to the organisation.”