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The number of advertised job vacancies rose to its highest level since the financial crisis in November, according to jobs site Adzuna.

There were 1,244,772 jobs advertised in November, up by almost a third compared with last year. It beats the post-recession record of 1,229,131 set a month earlier. However, Adzuna said the increase is likely to be as a result of temporary Christmas positions.

This growth in vacancies has been accompanied by a monthly rise in average advertised salaries – the first increase for 8 months. The UK average advertised salary now stands at £33,112, up 0.2% from £33,043 in October. This increase could be the first signal of future wage inflation.

Doug Monro, co-founder of Adzuna, said: “The past year has been a testing time for the UK jobs market. While overall falling unemployment and rising real wages have contributed to solid foundations for job hunters – there are still major cracks which can’t be easily repaired. Rising vacancies can be a sign of strength, but also a sign of imbalance. Festive roles have boosted vacancy numbers, but this will only provide a short-term impetus. The skills shortage within the labour market, which has been constant throughout the year, has resulted in vacancies remaining unfilled for longer.

November saw the first rise in advertised salaries across the UK for eight months but despite this increase it’s been a year of declining advertised salaries across the board in 2015.

London and Scotland in particular have seen the worst falls in advertised pay. The capital has been the hardest hit region, seeing a 6.4% fall to £39,795. Scotland has similarly seen a substantial fall of 6.2% to £30,917.

At the same time, the eat of England has seen the smallest declines, proving to be especially resilient. While seeing the smallest falls in advertised salaries, the region boasts some of the highest wages. The average position in south east England offers £32,011. When compared to the highest average in the North - £29,756 in the North West - it's clear that is North-South divide is still apparent.