By Marcus Leach

Culture committee chairman John Whittingdale has confirmed that James Murdoch will be called before MPs again to answer further questions on the News of the World (NoW) phone-hacking scandal.

Murdoch, chairman of News International, will once again face questions relating to the phone-hacking scandal after conflicting evidence emerged as to how much Mr Murdoch knew about the phone-hacking going on at NoW.

At present it is not clear as to when Mr Murdoch will make his second appearance in front of the Committee, after the first ended with his father, Rupert, being attacked during the hearing.

Mr Whittingdale confirmed that before Mr Murdoch re-appeared the Committee first wanted to hear from former senior News Corporation executive Les Hinton and Mark Lewis, the lawyer representing alleged phone-hacking victims.

"James Murdoch is happy to appear in front of the committee again to answer any further questions members might have," a spokesman for News Corp, the parent company of News International, said.

The need for Mr Murdoch to re-appear, having previously denied knowledge of the practice, came when former NoW legal manager Tom Crone told MPs he was "certain" he told Mr Murdoch about an email which indicated phone hacking at the paper went beyond one rogue reporter.

Mr Murdoch, however, has maintained his initial stance that he was unaware of any such email.

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