By Claire West

Small and medium sized businesses are highlighting the importance of IT as a key component of a successful business in 2011. Looking to Dell’s customer base, Pensions First and Good Energy stress the need to view IT as a business critical resource and understand the game-changing benefits for a business, from overall productivity and scalability to energy efficiency.

The importance of IT for more small and medium businesses is set to grow as the need for solutions in data protection, effective data management, flexible storage and robust systems is recognised by more UK companies. Pensions First and Good Energy support the call for companies to evaluate their IT in 2011 as a way to protect assets and grow effectively.

Established in 2007, Pensions First introduced greatly enhanced risk management practices to the pensions industry through superior and more timely analysis of data. The company saw a need to protect this business critical data by designing and deploying secure, high-performing and reliable production and disaster recovery sites. The deployment of the Dell platform means that Pensions First can be confident that its core data asset is protected at all times and that it can easily scale its data requirements to meet growing global demand.

Good Energy stands out as the only UK electricity provider whose fuel mix is 100% renewable. The company required an IT system that could provide robust and reliable data management capabilities in order to keep its customers’ power up and running. Dealing with 26,000 customers and 1,500 independent generators throughout the UK, Dell’s technology lies at the core of Good Energy’s business and means that the company can operate effectively in a commodity market while differentiating itself through demonstrable green credentials.

In highlighting the importance of IT as a key factor for many businesses, the two companies are also urging firms to research technology decisions carefully before making any purchase. This helps to guard against poor technology choices that can negatively impact the long-term success of a business and leads to appropriate IT decisions that help companies to reduce costs and respond quickly to the fluctuating market.

The business-critical nature of the IT systems in place at both Good Energy and Pensions First reflect the importance that both companies give to this aspect of their operations. The advice they offer to other UK businesses is to look for a technology company with whom it is possible to have a partnership rather than simply a supplier/customer relationship.


Fiona Page, Pensions First CTO said, “In the same way that data is a central pillar of our business, Dell’s technology is also critical to the health and continuity of our entire operation. We couldn’t do business without the infrastructure we have in place today. Technology can make or break a business and in these uncertain economic times we believe that more companies should be looking at their own IT as a priority and as a way to get ahead and stay ahead in a tough market.”

Juliet Davenport, CEO of Good Energy said, “When we rethought our IT we found some small green companies which were interesting but didn’t really provide us with the basis for handling the amount of data we have day to day. We needed good solid systems so we could provide good service to our customers, and we needed a company that understood our environmental approach. Aside from taking IT seriously, I would advise any other company to choose its technology partner carefully. A wrong decision in IT can be a costly mistake and potentially one which could jeopardize the future of the business.”

“Business owners need end-to-end technology solutions that drive growth, cut costs and improve customer service,” said Chris Mullan, Director and General Manager of Dell’s Medium Business Division for the UK & Ireland. “We are helping companies to put IT at the very heart of their business as the primary engine for growth. More and more companies are realising what IT can do for them and now is the time to take full advantage of the competitive edge that it offers. We will continue to provide greater access to straightforward IT solutions and advice, bringing businesses of all kinds closer to their objectives.”