List some of the biggest and well known business and entrepreneurial areas in the UK. I doubt you will have listed the Isle of Man. But the island is hoping to change that with a set of initiatives it hopes will make it the 'Enterprise Isle'.

The Enterprise Development Scheme is a £50million of grant, loan and equity investment to new Isle of Man start-ups, existing expanding Isle of Man businesses and businesses wishing to relocate to the island.

"We need to continue to generate a nurturing environment," Mr Gardland said.

"New regulation on crowdfunding to enable new and innovative ways of securing funding for entrepreneurs are also being planned to launch in the next year."

The Isle of Man economy is growing at around 3-4% a year and has seen continuous growth for the past 30 years.

John Garland said: "[With] no recession, the Isle of Man has successfully diversified into sectors such as e-Business and high tech manufacturing as well as maintained its status for high quality financial and professional services.

"Although financial and professional services are still the bedrock of the island’s economy, e-Business has grown significantly in the last few years."

As suggested in John's earlier comments, the Isle of Man doesn't just want to nurture and grow the businesses and entrepreneurs that are already there. The plan is to attract new businesses to the island. But is that a realistic prospect?

John Garland believes so. He said: "We have a fantastic reputation for nurturing SME (small and medium-sized enterprise) businesses. Medium sized businesses of fewer than 100 employees account for 69% of our private sector workforce. It is clear that entrepreneurs and businessmen and women are the engine room of our economy."

And when asked if businesses may feel cut off from the rest of the UK, he replied: "The Isle of Man is very well-connected to the UK and Europe. It has its own private jet terminal as well as daily ferries to ports in NW England so that vehicles can be easily transported. Additionally, there are also around 30 daily flights to major airports in the UK and Ireland."

Perhaps, in time, the Isle of Man will be referred to as the 'Enterprise Isle'. That is certainly the hopes of those involved with this initiative of support for entrepreneurs and businesses. Perhaps, it will even make it onto your list of the UK's most entrepreneurial locations, in time.