What’s going on with the US President, he apologises for a re-tweet and offers to comporomise on two of his most controversial policies.

The World Economic Forum at Davos does not do isms, protectionism, sexism, racism, ageism, but a certain individual has descended amongst the glitterati’s mix, becoming the centre of the attention in much the same way a black hole is the centre of our galaxy, and has been sounding the protectionist horn and even upsetting people on other isms.

But was it all just negotiation - was Mr Trump simply practicing the art of the deal?

Of course, the headlines are proclaiming the US President’s apology, while being interviewed by Piers Morgan, for re-tweeting Britain First videos.

But that is just one example.

He has even given ground on so called Dreamers - illegal immigrants to the US who have lived in the country since they were children, even born in the US. The recent impasse on Capitol Hill, forcing a temporary government shutdown has focused on this, with Democrats wanting the US President to compromise on the issue. Well, it seems he has. At Davos, President Trump said he supported a plan for Dreamers to become US citizens over 10 to 12 years. Now the White House has presented Congress with a plan to support 1.8 million Dreamers becoming US citizens. But in return the US President wants Senate to vote in favour of freeing up $25 billion for the construction of the famous proposed wall on the Mexican border. There’s the art of the deal for you.

Here is another example. One of Mr Trump’s first acts as President was to withdraw the US from the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), now he is saying that the US would join up, if the deal was right. “I would do TPP if we were able to make a substantially better deal. The deal was terrible. The way it was structured was terrible,” he told CNBC at Davos.

Of course, if the UK joined TPP, as has been mooted, and the US joined too, then there would be no need for a ‘tremendous’ bilateral trade deal between the UK and US. The TPP deal would create free trade between all the members - and pulling off a deal like that would be artful indeed.