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The US may be set to face a constitutional crisis not seen since the civil war.

What has Boney M – 1970s rock band – got in common with the US election. Answer, and to quote from the band’s most well-known song, Rasputin, ‘oh those Russians.’

The Donald has said that if he wins the US election, Hillary Clinton will end up in jail.

But just imagine if he does win and that the FBI probe into the latest batch of emails connected to Hillary Clinton turns up nothing. It seems clear that if Mr Trump does win the election, his victory will be solely down to the FBI’s recent announcement that it is re-opening its investigation into Clinton emails.

Mrs Clinton says she is confident that the inquiry will discover that she hasn’t done anything criminal. Which itself is odd – a US presidential candidate is confident she isn’t a criminal.

Frankly, she probably isn’t, but it is extraordinary that the person who, more likely than not, will be the next president, might be – allegedly.

And now we read that the FBI has been investigating Donald Trump’s former campaign manager, Paul Manafort’s connections with Russia.

The suggestion that the Trump campaign has been supported by Russia won’t go away. It has even been suggested – although unlikely – that if Donald Trump does win the US election, Barack Obama may use evidence of Russian links to annul the result.

To reiterate, this is not likely.

Maybe it would be a good thing if the US and Russian presidents got on well together – who knows they could go off and wrestle tigers together or save drowning whales. It would be like super détente.

But look at the US election from one point of view, its choice is between a person who her rival calls ‘crooked’ and an individual that many say is ‘racist.’

Both accusations are probably wrong.

But the US political system appears bankrupt and that is not a good thing.