By Daniel Hunter

The majority of UK shoppers would look more favourably upon retailers if they offered better recycling facilities, according to new research.

New research released today (Wednesday) by Greenredeem, the company that rewards people for everyday green actions, shows that 51% said they would prefer retailers that offer recycling on-the-go facilities.

Nine in ten (91%) of shoppers said they were more likely to recycle if retailers offered them reward incentives such as loyalty points, or discounts for returning.

Greenredeem said is presents a real opportunity to further increase the UK’s recycling rates, as although 93% of UK shoppers already recycle at home, only a quarter (25%) recycle on-the-go. Shoppers said that the main reason they would increase recycling on-the-go levels is if they had better access to on-the-go recycling facilities.

The research also found that although 72% of shoppers accepted responsibility for recycling, 40% felt that retailers are also responsible.

“It’s clear that there is a healthy appetite for recycling on-the-go in the retail sector. We believe that by making it easier, by incentivising and increasing the opportunities to recycle, consumers can recycle even more waste than they already do” explained Rob Crumbie, communications director at Greenredeem.

“Our research also shows that retailers have the opportunity to benefit...from improved brand perception and increased customer loyalty. The way people are consuming is changing and we need to address this in the industry."

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