mastercard• The brand’s original design was simplified; the unnecessary “teeth” were removed in place of overlapping circles. This design can be easily scaled on small screens without the visual effect being compromised,• In place of the teeth, the circles are now transparent which reflects the brands ideals about the transparency of their banking system. Logos should be used as metaphors to convey values to your customer.• The “flat” design removes all shadows and provides great user experience for digital customers using online banking.

Logo redesign is risky business

Logo redesign is often necessary, especially if you are moving your brand to new digital platforms, such as optimising for mobile or applications. However, your audience will be emotionally attached to your previous design so you should always communicate with them if you’re planning a change. Netflix reassured their audience recently by communicating with their customers via Twitter that they were creating a new icon, but their logo was remaining intact. This type of open ended communication is a great way to maintain great customer relationships throughout a rebrand.

By Melissa Lang, Repeat Logo