By Michelle Soper-Dyer, Marketing Manager, Transalis

In a word, yes; you’re killing it!

How many emails do you get a day that you don’t even bother to read – delete, delete, delete. Yes I could go in and unsubscribe to those I’m not interested in, or if you’re savvy, use unroll me to do the hard work…but once upon a time, I was interested in these messages as I obviously gave consent for these companies to message me! So what happened?

Laziness! That’s what.

Our personal details now have a monetary value. Marketers would do well to remember this. It used to be that getting direct mail through the door was the easy part, getting that item opened and then actioned was hard work. Email marketing is no different. People’s letterboxes are now their inboxes, on their laptops, their tablets, their phones. No need to rely on the 11am post drop off….emails can be sent at any time, any day.

Top tips…

  • Clean your data
    • Make sure you have my first name. Hi M, Hi or Hi some name I’ve never known to be on my birth certificate won’t cut the mustard.
  • Personalise your messages
    • I’m 34 with a 13 year old son. Nursing bras and buying my first flat are a distant memory. Get to know your database!
  • Don’t be scared to say goodbye to an email address
    • They haven’t opened an email from you in 3 months. Ask them why? And then say goodbye. Having 100k subscribers is nothing if only 5 open your messages
  • Reward loyalty
    • I love my Advantage card, Couldn’t live without My John Lewis Card…Send me a discount code and I’m your new best friend
So stop killing email marketing. It used to be a cost effective way of getting our messages out there. Long live Email!