By Max Clarke

More than half of iPad owners prefer digital to traditional print magazines, while a quarter use their devices in excess of two hours a day, a survey has revealed.

The survey, carried out on YouGov, was commissioned by Seven- publishers of the popular Project digital magazine. Boasting the world’s first gyroscopically sensitive front cover the magazine, the magazine has rocketed to the top of iMonitor’s highest rated apps in just 5 issues.

The survey also revealed that advertising on iPads is seen in a more positive light than magazine advertising. 36% of iPad owners who have read magazines in print and in interactive format on the iPad agree that ‘the iPad is the best way for companies to advertise to people like them.’

42% say they are more likely to pay attention to interactive magazine advertising on the iPad than advertising in magazines and newspapers.

"Unlike traditional IOS apps, we regularly deliver new interactive content and functionality using the latest HTML5 technology and our cover this month uses the latest iPad 2 gyro hardware to control HTML5 canvas objects,” said Marc Langsman, Project’s Head of Development.

“The result is a magazine front-cover packed full of the latest movie characters that readers can explore by moving their iPad around them. Anyone visiting ProjectHQ this month would have seen the team spinning around and shaking their shiny new iPad 2s in the air to get the orientation just right.”

The results also suggest that iPad owners are turning their backs on personal computers, as the iPad becomes the go-to gadget for entertainment.