By Daniel Hunter

KPMG is pleased to announce it is a corporate supporter of ‘Cardiff Start’, a new initiative being launched in Cardiff to help boost the city’s entrepreneurial tech sector.

Cardiff Start is a community of tech and digital start ups in Cardiff, dedicated to making Cardiff a smarter, more profitable, city of start ups that share knowledge and experience to help boost growth.

Commenting on the launch of Cardiff Start, Jeremy Thomas, at KPMG in Cardiff said: “Initiatives like Cardiff Start are hugely important to Wales and will play a vital role in making Cardiff as start up-friendly as possible for fledgling tech companies looking to set up and grow here.

“Through connecting the city’s entrepreneurs, advisors, investors and universities Cardiff Start will help start ups obtain the investment and advice they need to grow. This will hopefully reduce the brain drain out of Cardiff to other major conurbations and attract and retain talented entrepreneurs and students to base themselves here.

“In the long term, initiatives like Cardiff Start will help to secure Wales’ economic future. The digital, technology, biotechnology and creative media sectors are the future for the country and their growth will take up the slack caused by the decline of our more traditional manufacturing and heavy industry sectors. The roots for growth are certainly in place and tech entrepreneurs and companies already represent a significant proportion of the Welsh economy.

“To support this next wave of successes, there must be mixture of private and public sector help, in both financial and non-financial terms. Businesses like KPMG have an important role to play in supporting start ups and helping them grow into established companies.

“As a corporate supporter we will work with Cardiff Start to help entrepreneurs navigate the various legal, financial and tax related requirements that they will face in the early days and advise them as they grow. We can provide support in terms of advice on structural and financial matters, business development, taxation, financing and business management as well as providing one-on-one mentoring, running drop-in clinics, through to allowing start-ups to use our meeting rooms for demos and pitches.

Tim Kay, from the Tech Growth Team at KPMG, said: “Cardiff Start is another example of the enthusiasm of local communities to become part of the drive to make the UK the pre-eminent place to start and grow a technology business.

“While the established clusters of London and Cambridge tend to get the headlines, we need to start to think of the UK as one big cluster of entrepreneurs, investors and advisors. The different backgrounds and skills of these clusters, if combined, can drive the UK to the forefront of innovation and business creation.”

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