By Max Clarke

United Planet, one of the leading developers of Enterprise Portal software in Europe, has introduced a Business Adapter for the Microsoft Exchange Server to simplify the integration of data and services from MS Exchange into an Enterprise Portal.

To date, access to Exchange Server data has been extremely restricted, which has largely prevented integration of valuable data such as e-mails, appointments, contacts and tasks into an enterprise portal. But as enterprise portals play an increasingly important role within organizations by combining information, applications and processes in real-time, the integration of MS Exchange data becomes more and more essential.

The new Intrexx Business Adapter for Microsoft Exchange will now enable companies and their employees to access all elements of the Microsoft Exchange Server or their personal Outlook mailbox for reading and writing by integrating them into the Web interface of their portal. It will also allow them to use the information and services of a Microsoft Exchange server to create almost any web application possible. For example, a business could build a table in its customer management system which accesses publicly available personal Outlook mailboxes and list all mail relating to a selected customer, automatically.

Integration of MS Exchange with the Intrexx Application Framework will allow companies to use existing data in a variety of new ways. Users will be able to embed elements (such as contacts) from the Microsoft Exchange server in the Enterprise Portal, for example, to coordinate appointment requests for any number of employee calendars automatically or to consolidate contacts for new Web applications.

Other applications that offer convenient alternatives for accessing e-mails, contacts, tasks, notes and appointments from a Web-based portal are included with the Adapter. The Adapter fully complies with the strict security requirements prescribed by Microsoft Exchange Server which must be adhered to when accessing personal mailboxes. After successful authentication, users initially only have access to their personal mailbox. Only when they unlock parts of their personal mailbox via Microsoft Outlook, the Adapter can also access this information to integrate data into applications and processes using SQL access on the Microsoft Exchange Information Store.

The Adapter highlights United Planet’s role as an innovation leader in the portal market: “The opportunities directly arising from the new Intrexx mobile function, which provides users with easy access to all data and applications via the iPhone, Blackberry and other smartphones, are virtually limitless. Our customers have already developed highly innovative application scenarios during the beta phase of the Exchange Adapter and we look forward to seeing the final results in coming months,” remarks Axel Wessendorf, CEO of United Planet.